Fishing is Number One by Brenton Manser  Australia 2002

I bought four rods for Christmas, for me and my three sons
'cause everyone was saying, fishing is so much fun.
We scoffed our Christmas lunch down headed to where the river runs,
'cause Australia's favourite pastime, fishing is number one.
Verse 1
There were blokes with hats in dinghies, of every size and sort.
Some were fishing for a feed, others just for sport.
So we set up along the bank I's about to cast my line, but number one had tangled up his fishing line with mine
Verse 2
So I moved along the landing to fisherman number two, who was tying on a sinker, bigger than Uluru
I said "that's far too big son" he said "nah she'll be right" but when he cast his line in he disappeared from sight.
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3
"Whip it when he bights son" I said to number three. "I've never really seen it work but that's how your pa taught me".
Meanwhile back untangling, I noticed number one, was scrounging for the pliers for the hook stuck in his thumb.
Verse 4
"I got one dad! I got one!" yelled fisherman number three, "I whipped it like ya told me dad, he's up there in the tree.
Just then my rod starts screeching, so I ran to where it lay
And all the Kids are calling out "you've caught a mulloway"
Repeat Chorus
Musical Breather
Verse 5
So there it lay still flapping, my monster from the deep, you know without a word of lie we measured him six feet
But just as I's about to scale and gut him with my knife, the jolly thing slipped over board and scurried for his life
Verse 6
Now number one had just caught one, number two had two,
Number three was up the tree his fish still up there too
And meanwhile I was working out exactly what I'd say, and how I'd tell me mates back home about 'the one that got away'.
Repeat Chorus
Repeat last line of Chorus